03/04/19 3:58 AM

listening to: the black skirts / original netflix series “romance is a bonus book” introduced me to the band / just e-mailed t.a.l.k. inquiring about government-funded english teaching programmes in korea for english-speaking non-first world country nationals / i know it’s just because of the show again - it always is - but it’s been on my mind for a long while, maybe years / i still want to escape and i always have / been feeling a little down all day and i’m not sure why / a little extra lonely seeing images of youth shadowing youth at a second staged prom / so near just yesterday and now so far away / this is how life goes - people drift and keep drifting - once closer than close and eventually apart - the way the seaweed that swims at the tip of the ocean draws near the shore and back again and maybe never again